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Home-made Backhoe!

Home Made Backhoe - NOT FOR SALE



Ron decided to build a homemade backhoe for his Kubota tractor.  Updates are listed from oldest to latest, so if you want to see the finished product, scroll down to the bottom of this page.


29 January, 2008

Decided to start with the bucket and stabilizer arms.

Bucket Mock-up:

Bucket Teeth:

Stabilizer Arms:

19 February, 2008

Crowd arm is done, main boom is well under way.

Crowd arm:

Main boom:

21 February, 2008

Need to finish this clevis for the boom cylinder and
fabricate the boom clevis over the top for the crowd
arm cylinder, and the boom is finished. It's getting
heavy, too! Put some extra plating in to handle the
extra weight of the tractor.

Boom view 1:

Boom view 2:

22 February, 2008

Mocked up the boom and crowd arm so I can set the
crowd arm cylinder. The cylinder clevis is cut and
ready to weld up and install.

Boom crowd arm mock-up:

Crowd arm cylinder fit:

27 February, 2008

The main frame tacked together. The expanded
steel steps and the masts for the valving are welded. Waiting on the arrival of the valving.
Offset the masts to keep the controls closer to the operator.

Mainframe Pic 1:

Mainframe Pic 2:

6 March, 2008

Mock-up of mainframe and slew.

Mainframe and slew:

24 March, 2008

This is the slew.  There are 22 pieces in it. The pin showing at
the right of the picture(bottom of the piece) is where
the cylinder attaches to rotate the 'hoe side to side.
The empty space for a pin is the actual pivot point
where it attaches to the main frame. The clevis to the
left side of the picture is where the boom attaches to
the slew, and the clevis at the top of the picture is
where the boom cylinder attaches.


26 March, 2008

Starting to come together. 38 more pieces to fabricate
to the main frame and I can start the final fit and
plumb up the hydraulics.

Slew mainframe pic 1:

Slew mainframe pic 2:

11 April, 2008

Got the hoe together to get a glimpse of what it's going to look like.

Hoe Mock-up:

18 April, 2008

Had to alter the stabilizer cylinder ends to get the throw needed.  The top of the 7 point mount for the mainframe, outboard mounts, stabilizers in place. Next up, mount the valve to the mainframe, then final assembly!

Cylinder Alteration:

Frame Mount:

Stabilizer Mock-up:

26 April, 2008

Made a thumb for the 'hoe yesterday. It's got 2 settings and can be folded out of the way, if desired, by taking the gusset piece out and folding the thumb back against the crowd arm and repinning it, and setting the gusset and one pin aside. Just have to cut 6 or 8 teeth into each side of the thumb yet, and shape it a little. The gusset is made of 1 1/4"x1/4" flatstock welded into an H-beam, with 1x1 square tubing for ends. 'Bout ready to start cleaning and priming everything to get ready to paint.

Thumb Mock-up:

29 April, 2008

Got a coat of primer on the 'hoe parts(actually, 2 coats primer and a coat of color) now. It's going to take at least 2 coats of orange.

Primed up:

1 May, 2008

It's down to the final few details. Waiting on the hoses...

Final Mock-up pic 1:

Final Mock-up pic 2:

Mainframe detail:

23 May, 2008

About 4 hours into a forklift attachment for the 'Bota. It needs a center rib for support(for the round shaft and to attach the the bucket cylinder to). The forks will travel in and out on the rails.

Fork Attach 1:

Fork Attach 2:

May 28, 2008

Fork on the tractor.  Just needs prime and paint.

April 16, 2009

Only took Ron an entire year to get around to getting the forks painted....